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Acceleration Switch UA-27А-6
Air Filter 442M
Air Filter 723900-4AT
Air Pressure Switch SDU 3A-0.45
Air Pressure Valve RV-2T
Aircraft Pressure Gauge MA-40
Air-Oil Cooler 5350T
Air-Oil Cooler 5351T
Air-Oil Cooler Unit 5349T
Airspeed Transmitter DVS-24
Altitude and Differential Pressure Indicator UVPD-15
Altitude Transmitter DV-15MV
Amplifier Unit BUNPP-B
Attenuator AF-50
Beacon MSI-M
Belt Alignment Switch SPL-15A
Booster Coil KR-15SI
Cable APA-5D
Check Valve 66300A
Check Valve 674600B
Check Valve OK-10B
Check Valve OK-12A
Check Valve OK-18A
Check Valve OK-20A
Check Valve OK-4B
Check Valve OK-8A
Clock 55М
Combined Gyro Horizon AGK-47U
Compressor AK-50T
Control and Test Panel for Lens Heating AOS-81M drw. 154.82.9972.400
Control Panel P8U
Control Unit 6С2.399.000
Control Valve 1919T
Controlled Switching Unit 583300
Controller RN-180M
Converter PTA-6-1
Diaphragm 15-5303-10-6
Discharge Valve AK-38
Drain Valve 600400M
Electric Actuator EM-662T
Electric Actuator EPV-150MT
Electric Actuator EPV-50BT
Electric Actuator MVT-300
Electric Centrifugal Pump 463B
Electric Pump 435D
Electric Pump 435MTV
Electrical Motor D-1500TV
Electrical Motor MV-280B
Electro-Pneumatic Valve 4022AT
Exhaust Valve 2176V
Fuel-Oil Cooler 331U
Generator CGO-30U
Generator GT60PCH6A
Generator GT60PCH8ATV
Glass V8BP
Gyro Horizon AGR-74
Helmet Ventilation Device VUSH-6
Hoist BL-47 (complete set)
Hose 1-25-1480-OST 1 13823-81
Hydraulic Filter 11GF4-1
Hydraulic Lock GA-113
Hydraulic Motor GM36/1
Hydraulic Pump 435F
Hydraulic Pump GM-37M
Hydraulic Pump MSH-3A
Hydraulic Unit GA-8
Hydraulic Valve 629600VT
Induction Pressure Gauge MI-8
Induction Pressure Transmitter ID-100
Lamp PL-64R2-12M
Measure of Capacity R597
Nozzle for Low Filling NNZ 2561А-8
Nozzle for oil closed filling A2104-7900-230-9
Nozzle for pressure closed fueling TN-4
Oxygen Dispensing Equipment
Oxygen Pressure Reducer KR-26A
Oxygen Regulator KP-19
Oxygen Regulator KP-24M
Oxygen Valve KV-15A
Oxygen Valve KV-2MS
Pitot Tube PVD-7G
Pressure Air Control Unit AD-50
Pressure Differential Regulator 5589T
Pressure Switch SP-6-6
Propeller Heating Controller R68Dk
Pump 623ANM
Pump 623K
Pump 888
Pump 889
Pump NP34-1T
Pump NP-72MV
Pump PN-40R
Rectifier Device VU-6A with ADS-130
Relay Box RUK-4
Resistance Thermometer Probe P-1
Rotable Mechanism MP-100M
Rotable Mechanism MP-250
Rotational Electric Actuator with Limited Turning Angle MPK-13VTV
Running Contact TSV 36M-313
Safety Valve 661400
Safety Valve GA-198
Safety Valve GA-42
Service Umbilical ORK-11AU
Service Umbilical ORK-2A
Solenoid Brake EMT-2M
Solenoid Operated Three-Positional Valve GA-142
Solenoid Valve GA-165
Solenoid-Operated Valve 910700
Start Panel APD-9V
Strain Gauge IN-11
Throttle Valve GA-230-2
Thrust augmentor nozzle regulator RSF-53B
Tool set for hydraulic and pneumatic systems testing and charging 30.9957.0000.505
Torque Switch VK-53RB
Transceiver R-855 A1
Trolley jack 51071
Turbine Flow Transducer TPR-10
Two-Position Electrohydraulic Valve KE52-2
Valve 5350Т
Valve 992AT-3
Valve 992AT-5
Valve GA-133-100
Valve RD-14-00-1
Valve Tap of Oxygen Hose KVSH
Vibration Pickup MV-04-1
Water-Oil Cooler 361
Windshield Heat Control Unit AOS-81M
Wiper Blade Drive Mechanism GA 211А-00