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Our production

KubanAviaService Ltd manufactures and repairs the following range of ground support aircraft equipment:

Supporst for main rotor hub, for swashplate 140-9807-10, 140-9807-20
Device for main wheels bearing assembly and disassembly 8АТ-9938-00
Dolly for engine 8АТ-9802-00
Dolly for blades 8АТ-9801-00
Dolly for main rotor transmission 8АТ-9906-00
Engine lifting beam ТВ3-117 140-9908-00
Jacking for wheel assembly and disassembly 8АТ-9905-100

The majority of products can be manufactured in a production configuration or with upgrading depending on the specific requirements of the customer. All products meet the established requirements and work with a high degree of reliability and performance.

The company plans to increase production and range of products.